Vibroplex Code Warrior Jr

Vibroplex Code Warrior Jr

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The Vibroplex® Code Warrior Junior™ - Vibroplex is pleased to announce the Code Warrior Junior™, the production version of the NORCAL K8FF KEY! For the first time in our history, Vibroplex® is offering QRP keys in our line. This key is destined to become the latest Vibroplex® collectible!

  The Code Warrior Keys are uniquely serial numbered and dated. With a base measuring only 2 1/2" by 3", this small iambic model is a perfect addition to any QRP or home station. The keys have a black powder coated base, clear paddles and magnetic action - NO SPRINGS! Weight 1.5 lbs.  Cord not included.

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Kabelset Vibroplex 3.5 mm plugg195 krMer information
Dammkåpa Vibroplex Code Warrior Jr & Chrome Warrior450 krMer information

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