Vibroplex Iambic Standard

Vibroplex Iambic Standard

Artikelnummer: Vibroplex Iambic Standard


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The Vibroplex©  Iambic is the modern descendent of the Original.  It incorporates the traditional Vibroplex© look for use with modern electronic keyers. The code speed with the Iambic depends on the particular electronic keyer with which it is operated. And, you get the same crisp operation at 5 words per minute as you do at 50+ wpm. Weight 5 lbs. Cord not included.

Model Iambic Standard - A neat, crisp black textured finish base with bright decorative chrome top parts. Non-jeweled movement.

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Kabelset Vibroplex 6,3 mm propp195 krMer information
Dammkåpa Vibroplex Iambic Nyckel450 krMer information

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