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Alpha Delta ASC-4B Coax Switch.

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Product Description:

The Alpha Delta Model ASC Antenna Selector Console desk top coax switch series brings a new level of versatility and convenience to your station operation. This series retains all the features and specifications of the precision 4 position DELTA-4B series (see WEB site for DELTA-4B specs, pictures and info), including ARC-PLUG (tm) module surge protection, in a desk top console that will sit on your desk next to your gear. The console does not have to be secured or bolted down!


The console features a powder coated steel housing and a solid brass ground buss, with #10 wire attachment hardware, across the rear of the housing providing a common ground point for all station equipment and accessories. “Non-slip” feet are attached for solid stability.



The Model ASC Console is available in addition to the famous DELTA series surge protected coax switch line. The entire DELTA family features solid mechanical cavity thru-line micro-strip switching, without the use of problematic electronics and microprocessors. The series offers low loss constant impedance performance and best co-channel rejection (typ >60dB) depending on connector type and freq. Rated at 2 kW SSB/CW output. Made in our ISO-9001 certified facility.



You will note the switch is positioned in the housing at a 20 degree angle from the horizontal. If the switch was 90 degrees from horizontal (vertical), the cables would come out at such an angle that there would be large cable “loops” and they would tend to try to pull the switch over backwards or move it back across the desk. A 20 degree angle will provide effective viewing and minimize or prevent the cables and hand pressure from moving the console.



The solid brass ground bus on the housing can be used to provide a single point ground for your equipment and accessories. It also provides a ground point for the operation of the Model D-4 ARC-PLUG (tm) gas tube surge module located in the switch. A proper ground wire must be attached to the bus for the operation of the Model D-4 during surge discharges. Proper grounding techniques are covered in various ARRL and other publication materials.


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ASC-4B Coax Switch

Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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