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Array Solution Antennväxel for 2 radios

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The SixPak is an RF relay matrix designed to switch 6 antenna feedlines to two radios or amplifiers. It can be mounted inside the shack or outside up on the tower. Electro-mechanical fail-safe interlocking ensures neither radio can feed power into the other. The Array Solutions SixPak has been designed to have more then enough isolation between the radio ports and antennas so that there is no possibility that you may damage the front ends of your radios even when you may be running up to 5 kW of power.  The isolation is so high that even 1,000,000 watts of power would be seen as 1 watt or less of power in the other radio.  Do not be concerned about isolation in this product.  Be more concerned about how much power your antennas are coupling to each other, which is a different problem. That is why we sell the finest band pass filters ever made.  With over 1500 SixPaks sold to date, as of Aug, 2003, the proof is established. Configured as a 6X1 matrix, the SixPak makes an ideal, high-performance remote antenna switch. Its micro strip line design assures low insertion loss and very low SWR. High-power relays are used throughout to maintain the reliability and quality that Array Solutions is known for.

An aluminum painted, water shedding and lightning protective metal cover is included with the unit with U-bolt for mounting outside. The cover has an extended lip below the connector tray to avoid any water blowing up into the unit. The relay matrix can be controlled with the SixPak dual control box, which has 12 LEDs to indicate the antennas being used by the radios. Another SixPak dual control box can be slaved in parallel to the first to provide antenna control for a remotely located radio in the shack or in the next room.

·         high isolation between ports without risk for input circuitry at connected radios and a high realiability

·         RFI tight metal encapsulation without plastics or cheap materials.

·         micro Strip technology and low SWR up to 55 MHz.

·         all unused inputs grounded.

·         thunder protections at both ends of controll cable and lighting arrestors to even increase level of protection.

·         Weather resistant housing.

·         Mil-Specad SO-239 antenna coonectors in teflon.

·         Requires 2 pcs of controll cable (one for each radio) with a minimum of 6-leader per cable.

Outer unit has dimensions 29 X 15 X 9 cm and weight 3,2 kg. Controll unit is 8 X 15 X 8 cm and weigth is 0,2 kg.

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