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Mini StackMatch 3 ports

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This device is basically the StackMatch without the ability to do any switching of antennas. It is a fixed transformer device in a die-cast aluminum weather resistance case. It will provide phasing to two or three 50 ohm antennas without the ability to switch the stack like the standard StackMatch product. They can be combined to allow stacks of 2,5,6,and 9 antennas. 

It comes in 2 or 3 antenna ports with SO239 connectors as standard. N or 7/16DIN connectors can be added as an option.

It has the same specifications as the standard StackMatch and can be used on 6 meters. Measures:12 x 9,5 x 5,5 cm (lxbxh). Mounts on mast with diameter 38 mm.

Key Benefits of Both the StackMatch and Mini-StackMatch

Easy hook-up, no complex relay switch networks or carefully cut phase lines

Works with Tri-band and Multi-band antennas as well as Mono-band antennas

Allows user to steer take-off angles of the stack as well as double beam in two or three directions.

Stacking antennas adds considerable GAIN and cleans up the pattern.

BIP-BOP (Both in Phase, Both out of Phase) Can be easily achieved for two Mono-Band or multi-band antennas

Two Feed line Option allows a second radio to utilize 1 beam in a stack of beams when needed.


Mini StackMatch

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