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AEA Technology, Inc. specializes in hand-held, light-weight, and economical RF testing solutions. Our 140-525™ and CellMate™ EX meters feature graphical sweep and numerical data for SWR and Return Loss. The VIA™ Analyzer adds graphical sweep and numerical data for Impedance and Resistance. In addition to presenting accurate data, all our SWR Meters have non-volatile memories, backlit LCD’s, and optional PC software for data storage, upload, saving printing, and export. These instruments are rugged and “Belt Friendly” for easy transport up towers or other climbing locations. All can be operated on AA alkaline or NiMH batteries, or AC powered.
Used by the military, communications industry professionals, and amateur radio operators these instruments were designed to provide accurate information on antenna system performance. Built tough and weather resistant they are designed to go into the field or to sea and provide years of reliable performance.
Range: 100 KHz to 54 MHz
Display Resolutions: 1 KHz
Measurement speed: ~1 second / 100 point sweep
Frequency display width: 0 to 20 MHz in 1,2,5 sequence
Impedance Range: 2 to 1000 Ohms
Impedance plotting scales: 0 to 100 Ohms Minimum / 0 to 1000 Ohms Maximum
Harmonic and spurious: >30 dB below fundamental
Output power: ~ +5 dBm@50 Ohms
Serial interface speeds: 4800 & 9600 bps
Power requirements: 12-20 VDC @ 400 mA. minimum / or 8 AA cells (alkaline or NiMH)
Antenna connector: `N` Connector


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