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Hy-Gain CD-45 IIX Antenn rotor

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Hy-Gain CD 45IIX (220 V, 50 Hz) Antenna rotor for up to 0.84 square meter wind load

Since 1950s HY-Gain has made antenna rotors that are well known and proven for high quality and durability. This modell Hy-Gain CD 45IIX handles 0.84 square meter (8.5 sq. feet) mounted inside a tower, or 0.5 square meter (5 sq. ft.) with mast adapter. Improved in many areas:



CD-45II Rotator Specifications

Wind Load Capacity (inside tower) 0.84 square meter (8.5 square feet)

Wind Load Capacity (with mast adapter) 0,5 square meter (5.0 square feet)

Turning Power 68 Nm

Brake Power 90 Nm

Brake Construction Disc Brake

Bearing Assembly Dual race/48 ball bearings

Mounting Hardware Plate clamps/Steel U-Bolts

Control Cable Conductors 8

Shipping Weight 10 kg

Effective Moment (in tower) 168 kgm


  • New Low temperature grease good to -34 C degrees.

  • Bell rotator design gives total weather protection,

  • Dual 48 ball bearing race gives proven support

  • Die cast ring gear and stamped steel gear drive

  • Heavy duty, trouble free gear train

  • New 8-pin plug/socket on control unit

  • North center scale

  • Lighted directional indicator

  • Snap-action control switches

  • Low voltage control. Safe operation

  • Takes masts to 52 mm

  • MSLD light duty lower mast support




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