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Remote controlled power outlet 8 x 230 V

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Remote controlled 8 x 230 V power outlets with dual power supplies (2 x 16A)

ePowerSwitch 8M+/32 is a power distribution and control unit that enables remote power control over IP or locally through an RS-232 Terminal connection. It supports a maximum load of 2x16A through 2 separate power inputs with current probe. Its serial interface can be used to control the power outlets over a Terminal connection (KVM Switch, console server...) or to trigger

a soft shutdown of a server with shutdown capabilities. An internal Real Time Clock enables to trigger scheduled actions and timestamp all events (logs, SNMP traps and Syslog events).

ePowerSwitch 8M+/32 is more than a simple power switch, it's also a modular Remote Monitoring System which enables to increase the security of your facilities and reduces unforeseen downtimes of your equipment. It offers environmental control functions and IP device monitoring with automatic reboot function in case of lock-up. It supports up to 4 peripherals and HTTP,

DHCP, Syslog, SNMP and SNTP protocols.


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