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The FT-950 is the newest radio in the direct lineage of the FT DX 9000 and FT-2000 series radios.

It has been developed to fit the needs of both casual and serious DX enthusiasts

as well as new HF licensees eagerly seeking to discover the magic of the HF and 50 MHz bands.

Triple-conversion super-heterodyne receive architecture uses 69.450 MHz 1st IF,

with powerful 1st IF 3 kHz/6 kHz/15 kHz selectable roofing filters (MCF). You will enjoy

the advanced technology of the multi-function 30 kHz 32-bit Floating Point IF DSP.

Add the optional DMU-2000 Data Management Unit that provides an array of display capabilities,

and include the optional, ultra-sharp, fully-automatic, RF μ -Tuning Preselector System.

You may customize your FT-950 with the same great options that are available

with the FT DX 9000 and FT-2000 Series Transceivers!


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