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K9AY Loop antenni (40), 80 ja 160 meter.

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K9AY Loop antenn för (40), 80 och 160 meter

From Array Solutions comes this control box AS-AYL-4 for assembling a low band receiving antenna in four directions based on the famous K9AY loop concept. It attenuates unwanted signals with up to 30 dB. It comes with a control box (se photo) and an external rely box that is mounted at the mast. A 7.2 m high mast is needed to raise the wire antennas. It build 6 meters on the ground in four directions.  A separate wire-kit can be purchased that contains all that is needed except the mast and includes antenna wires, guys etc.



Antenna type:                          Terminated loop

Pattern:                                   Cardioid, switched in four directions

Peak front-to-back:                 Greater than 20 dB, typically 30 dB

Feedpoint impedance:             50 ohms nominal; low-loss transformer matching to the antenna

Frequency range:                    Very low frequencies to  8 MHz, using published dimensions. With preamp on, bandpass is limited to 1.8-5 MHz

Direction change:                   Feedpoint/termination switching relays

Direction control:                    Connected with a 6-conductor control cable

RF connection (antenna):       SO-239 (UHF) connectors at control box and outdoor relay box

RF connection (radio):            Phono connector output to receiver external antenna input

Termination Adjustment:         Eight resistances from 340 to 680 ohms, selected by front-panel rotary switch

Power requirements:               +12 to 15 VDC, 400 mA max., (provided by customer, to be fused at 0.5 A)

Preamplifier:                           15 dB gain, feedback type, using a silicon NPN transistor

Filter passband:                      ±2 dB from 1.80 to 4.5 MHz

Filter stopband:                       –55 dB at 7 MHz, –50 dB below 1450 kHz (typical)



Video demo of antenn attenuation with BC-stationer with more than än 32 dB. 


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