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Kit Bird 43 peak digital readout

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The upgrade that will transform your Model 43 into a state of the art, peak-reading digital watt meter! The digital Model 43's accuracy is the same as the original analog meter (Average Reading) but the meter is much easier to read. There is no longer any question about which scale to read. The readout numbers are 0.75" high. You can read it across the room. There is a selectable display back light. The scale selection button allows you to match the meter scale to the element wattage.

 Capable of calibration to known RF wattage sources, and can be used to correct inaccurate slugs



·         Works with any Bird 43 slug frequency.

·         Works with the following Bird 43 slug power ranges: 1W, 2.5W, 5W, 10W, 25W, 50W, 100W,    250W, 500W, 1KW, 2.5KW, 5KW, 10 KW, 25KW.

·         Includes power supply or will work on batteries.

·         Battery Life with alkaline cells: Power off mode>10 Years Power on mode with backlight off: 400 hours Power on mode with backlight on: 50 hours  Auto shut off after 90 minutes  Backlight auto shut off 90 seconds

·         Installation: Simply remove the analog meter movement and replace it with this digital readout upgrade.

·         The conversion is simple. Detailed instructions are included.



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