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Virtalähde 5-15 V 40 A

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The Diamond GZV4000 Switching Mode DC Power Supply provides high power


output with its small size and light weight. It is suitable for a variety of



uses, especially for DC operated radio equipment source from an AC



outlet and providing variable voltages of 5V to 15V and up to 40A continuous operation.












·        Dimensions:210Wx110Hx330D mm



·        Weight:3.5kg



·        Switching mode 40A(continuous, 8hours)



·        Input voltage:AC230V 9A(50,60Hz)



·        Output voltage:DC5 to 15V variable



·        Output current:40A(continuous, 8hours) med Overload & short-circuit protection with current Foldback at approximately 42 A



·         Cooling system:Forced air flow with DC fan



·         Built in speaker



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