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Antenna Genius 8X2 Antennswitch Plus

9 250 kr
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Antenn switch 8 x 2 4o3A  - marknadens bästa!

Nu har vi den i lager. Bästa på marknaden för dig som vill ha möjlighet att switcha upptill åtta antenner till två radion med bästa möjliga isolation (så lite överhörning mellan dessa och radion). Typiska värden är  75dB @ 50-MHz,  81dB @ 30-MHz, > 90dB @ 14-MHz. Klarar 3 kW. 


  • 160M till 6M banden.
  • Highest port-to-port isolation on the market. Typical values are  75dB @ 50-MHz,  81dB @ 30-MHz, > 90dB @ 14-MHz.
  • Up 20 dB better than other brands. Perfect if you are using SO2R or one radio full duplex (e.g. FlexRadio 6000 series).
  • Capable of 3000W @ 1.5:1 VSWR CCS (e.g. RTTY) duty cycle for five minutes.
  • Hardware level interlock system prevents two radios from connecting to the same antenna.
  • Antenna Genius insures your RX antennas will not be used as TX.
  • Can add optional Output Modules with 16 relay outputs.
  • Controlled automatically by FlexRadio, 4O3A Interface Genius, BCD or manually by our Windows app or Pin To Port.
  • Configurable by an intuitive Windows app.
  • User programmable band ranges.
  • Antenna Genius 8×2 Plus can be combined into a “superswitch”, extending the number of antenna ports to 16, 24 or 32.
  • Can be remotely controlled over LAN or internet.
  • DC power, RJ-45 (100-Mbps Ethernet), 2 x 15-pin DE-15 socket (VGA style)
  • TCP/IP (100-Mbps Ethernet) built in, DHCP-assigned or static IP address.
  • Rugged stainless steel chassis with wall mount flange.
  • Kräver 13.8-VDC power supply. Effektförbrukning: 13.8-VDC @ 300mA.
  • Dimensioner (HBD): 127cm x 17cm x 7cm.
  • Vikt: 2.5 kg

LAN / WAN capability was a core design capability from day one and not an afterthought. The entire Genius product line: Interface Genius, Antenna Genius, Rotator Genius and Station Genius all work together seamlessly both locally and remotely.

Regular firmware updates will continue add features to all 4O3A Genius devices free of charge for life.

Each 4O3A Genius device has a comprehensive API to allow deep integration with other ham gear and software for logging, contesting, digital modes, etc.


Drift & produktion: Wikinggruppen

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