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Wavenode Effekt- och SWR mätsystem med PC utgång

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The new WN-2 power meter measures and displays output power or SWR of up to four radios/antennas at the same time.


Up to four sensors for power/SWR can be connected to the device and can be installed at the point where they are rquired; sensors are available for 1.6 to 470MHz and up to max. 8KW.

The measured data is displayed on a computer connected via USB. The required software for Windows XP or Windows Vista is included.


When operating standalone the data is shown on the internal LC display. So a computer is not required, but of course would give a much better overview.


The WN-2 measures spectrum and envelope of the transmitted signal up to 20kHz modulation bandwidth. Intermod, splatter or overmodulation can be seen immediately. The required fast sampling rate of the transmitted signal is achieved by using a fast RISC processor in the sensor.


Additionally the WN-2 offers four analog (0 to 10V) and four digital (TTL) inputs for many measurement tasks. A programmable solenoid output offers the possibility to emergency shut-down, for example in the case of high SWR. Another option is the board to control a Yaesu rotator.


The device is shipped including one HF-2 (2Kw - 1.8-60MHz) sensor, CD-ROM, USB cable and power supply.

  • Monitor 4 sensors simultaneously for peak, Average power and coax SWR.

  • Direct USB full speed interface.  

  • Backlit LCD display for stand-alone operation- Your PC is optional.

  • Oscilloscope and Spectrum Analysis of the RF Modulation- Observe IM and "Splatter" frequency components realtime.

  • Complete system includes (1) sensor, WN-2 unit, AC power module and software on CDROM.

  • Wide range of sensors cover 100 milliwatt to 8KW, 1.6 Mhz to 1.3 Ghz.

  • 16-bit RISC processor, 12 bit A/D converter and rugged construction.

  • WN-2 is compact and low power.  Perfect for local, mobile, emergency communications vans, and remote repeater sites.

Wavenode WN-2 USB

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